All property owners deserve to have landscape construction completed to acceptable standards of the industry, an implied obligation of any construction project. When expectations are left unmet, DHGA can evaluate performance and quality based on our experience and expertise. We are unmatched as evaluators for standards of the industry throughout the Green Industry.

Our diverse legacy and portfolio of professional design and ethical service provide an exceptional base for supporting additional services, including:

 Landscape evaluations/appraisals to assess damage
  by natural and man-made causes for insurance claims,
  litigation and property values.
 Landscape design/construction evaluations to             ascertain the standards of industry compliance, scope of     services.
 Construction observation to verify conformance to
  construction plans and specifications.
 Drainage, grading and site evaluations as they impact
  landscape establishment.

 Warranty requirements and conformance expectations for hardscape and plant elements.

 Landscape maintenance evaluation and management programs for protective and remedial activity.



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