Not all design professionals can become ethical, qualified consultants for litigation and expert witness services. The expertise and experience necessary require years of practice and specialization in your field and the ability to perform well during depositions and on the stand in courtroom situations.

Additionally, a comprehensive understanding and qualifications in standards of the industry, litigation procedures and report development are essential to support formulated opinions and credibility. Such experience is developed over time and trial. DHGA has provided ethical, reliable service for plaintiffs and defendants, in cases involving landscape and tree damage, tree failure, landscape design and site construction disputes. Specialized areas of service

Research as needed to investigate and support plaintiff or
  defendant positions.

Legal consultations, trial preparation.
Plan and specification reviews to confirm compliance to
  contract documents.

Cost estimates for damage value, cost of repair, or as an
  indication of value.
Forensic data analysis in specific terms to support the most
  difficult of cases
Design and construction evaluations established by
  inspection, observations and analysis of problems based on  
  industry standards.
Dispute resolution.
Rebuttal reports based on excellent evaluation, analysis and
  research to back factual presentation.

Deposition and trial testimony as an expert witness with
  credibility and recognition as competent, qualified and able
  to pass any Daubert challenge.



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